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Our Tanning Beds

Opal Fitness Stand Up

The Opal Fitness boasts 49 tanning lamps and a state-of-the-art air-circulation system. The ventilation system is efficient and powerful. The Opal Fitness has two modes of ventilation- body ventilation to make tanning more enjoyable and lamp ventilation system.

The aqua-spray system will keep you cool and refreshed while you tan. This unique combination ensures that the lamps are working at an optimum temperature allowing you to get an even healthy tan.

Ergoline Excellence 900

The Excellence 900 is one of the most popular models in this reclining tanning bed range, while redefining tanning standards.

The solarium provides a large and comfortable place for tanning, and has a huge tanning power thanks to the 51 160W power lamps, 4 face tanners and 7 shoulder tanners. High tanning comfort provides many additional features that guarantee a wonderful experience.

Ergoline 600 Avantgarde

The Ergoline 600 Avantgarde is the ultimate bronze tanning experience.

This innovative tanning bed is one of the best beds in the industry for people of all skin types, who would like to get the longest lasting tanning results, in a luxurious comfortable environment.

This sunbed also offers an air conditioned cool environment, with high powered fans and an air conditioner to give the most luxurious tanning comfort.


Amazing tanning studio. The girls are so lovely and friendly. The lie down bed is really strong and it has a really relaxing atmosphere. Would definitely recommend popping in on a day like today to get a wee bit of a heat fix 🙂 Can’t wait to go back!